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Stolichno Bock beer


по Djons

Stolichno Bock beer

I’ve been familiar with Bulgarian Stolichno beer since my childhood. No, I didn’t drink it at the time, of course. My friends used to bring my father beer from Bulgaria, and it was Stolichno that he liked the most. So I remembered the brand.

Zagorka Brewery was founded in 1902. Currently owned by Heineken. The main brands are Zagorka, Ariana and of course Stolichno. Stolichno Bock itself has been brewed since 2004 and since it is still on sale, it means there is demand for it in Bulgaria. It is surprising why we have a bock as a style very poorly sold (unless you count of course Baltika #9 bock).

Stolichno Bock (Bulgaria, Stara Zagora) 6,5/16 In the aroma and aftertaste a little chocolate, but more bread, or rather bread crust. The taste is full, soft, but not sweet. Very nice and drinkable side. Did not expect this from the masmarket especially from Heineken.

Not that Heineken as they say “can not brew beer”, but in my opinion, they are the dullest of the big three. At least in Russia so. The rating for Stolichno Bock is “A-“.

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Александр Иджон
Stolichno Bock beer
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