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по Djons

Пиво Arcobräu Festbier

Oktoberfest is coming up, but it is doubtful that this year we will see a large assortment of festival beers, both domestic (licensed) and imported. But there is one thing, though – Arcobräu Festbier. It is not brewed specifically for Oktoberfest, but the style is exactly the same.

I first wrote about the beer from Arcobräu Gräfliches Brauhaus back in 2012. Even then I was not particularly impressed by it. Yes, not bad, confident German regional. Drinkable. Festbier bought at Perekriostok for just over 160 rubles.

Arcobräu Festbier (Germany, Mos) – 5.7/13.2 Malt and bread prevail in the aroma, as well as in the aftertaste. The taste is very dry and even tart. The aftertaste is a bit wooden and grassy. At the same time, the beer is well balanced and very pleasant to drink, although you understand that the alcohol is a little more than the standard varieties. Rated B+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Arcobräu Festbier

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