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по Djons

Belgian Blond Ale от Таркос

Let me say right away that I tried this Belgian Blond Ale from Tarkos brewery right after the ersatz blanc from Lipetsk beer and I was critical. Many people dislike or outright berate Tarkos, believing that they produce “krafty” beers and therefore should be criticized to begin with.

Yes, Tarkos has quite a few passé brews or beers that don’t quite fit the style, but there are some very enjoyable things as well. Considering the price policy, I think this beer is worthy of attention and if something new came out, to try and form an opinion.

Belgian Blond Ale (Russia, Voronezh) – 6/16 There are strong hints of coriander in the aroma and aftertaste. There is no coriander in the mix and it is stated that these flavors give the yeast. I personally highly doubt this. It has a very distinct flavor and aroma.

In principle, coriander in the Belgian blond is acceptable, although not obligatory, but perhaps here too much. The body is dense, sweet. Some coriander, sweet floral notes, a little pepper and citrus. A lovely creamy foamy cap.

The beer may not be quite in style, but it’s interesting and I liked it. Rated B-.

I once made a video about the brewery itself. It’s very nice and if you can visit, I recommend it.

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Belgian Blond Ale
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