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Buddy Kraft Blanche

I bought Buddy Kraft Blanche from Lipetskpivo in an Armenian store the other day and was surprised! How many regional brewers haven’t disgraced themselves and acted as clowns in the craft beer arena? I remember the unforgettable Tagil was the opening act, but it quickly came to its senses. Then Buket of Chuvashia. Perhaps someone else played in craft beer without understanding not only the rules, but not being able to read and count.

How does this happen? It seems that Kraft beer in Russia is more than ten years old and there are more than a dozen kinds of beer on the shelves, even in Lipetsk. Take it, try it, make a similar one. But no – we dance on mRacketing rake. Is it because of laziness (the public will eat it up), or stupidity, or because of stupidity? I do not know. This is a great mystery. And I’m sure that such experiments are not the last.

Buddy Kraft Blanche (Russia, Lipetsk) – 4/11 The only thing that turned out well is the label. It’s nice. They didn’t bother with the name and just translated into English the word “Buddy” (the main brand of Lipetsk beer). We added the magic word Kraft and indicated a trendy style of the beer – Blanche. That’s all.

Even in the photo you can see that the beer is absolutely transparent, which immediately tells us – no guys, this is not blanche at all! A faint cardboard flavor. Sweet and muddy body. The hops remained so stock. Yes, yes! This is a banal regional lager.

It’s true that the composition does list wheat malt and we should probably consider Buddy Kraft a wheat beer and even a blanc on that basis. And again the banal phrase from the cartoon Captain Wrongel – “who were you trying to fool?!”

Rated D+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Buddy Kraft Blanche

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