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Nurzhanar and Tomsk German Beer

Kazakhstan, Russia

по Djons

Two new beers at K&B are Kazakh Nurzhanar and German from Tomsk brewery. Both of these beers are united not only by their place of purchase, but also by their flavor profile. With minor nuances, they are both very similar.

Nurzhanar (Kazakhstan, Uralsk) – 4.6 / Aroma is weak, malt and rags. The taste is sweet, cereal. In the aftertaste all the same rags and a minimum of hops (if it can be considered at all). Dirty, pointless beer. Rated “D+.”

At one time, Tomsk beer caused a sensation in the Moscow market. Against the background of beer giants and rare regional beers of that time, it looked favorably both with its purity and taste. Kruger Premium Pils was probably the first (or one of the first?) real pils brewed by a big factory.

Now, the selection of beers on the shelf is incomparably richer, but even with this abundance, Tomsk beer is still firmly on the shelf, although nothing new has come out of them for a long time.

German (Russia, Tomsk) – 4 Cleaner than Nurzhanar, but cardboard is still felt in the aroma and aftertaste. Hops are not noticeable, especially against the background of overly sweet taste. Yes, a light beer from which you do not expect much richness of flavor, but even with this in mind, very dull, sweet and empty. C- rating.


Alexandr Idzhon
Nurzhanar beer

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