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Urfränkisches Landbier Hell and Landbier Pilsner


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Urfränkisches Landbier Hell and Landbier Pilsner

Two new German regional beers in Azbuka Vkusa. Since Azbuka also has regional beers, they are expensive (and everything is expensive now) – almost 200 rubles each. Urfränkisches Landbier Hell and Urfränkisches Landbier Pilsner beers from the Bavarian brewery Privatbrauerei Kesselring.

The brewery is located in the town of Marktsteft. The year of foundation is considered to be 1688, but in fact it is 1856, when the Kesselring family purchased land near the town and built a brewery there (according to other information, moved it from the center).

Those who know history, and especially the history of World War II, should immediately remember the name Kesselring. Yes, yes, that Field Marshal General Albert Kesselring (Smiling Albert, as they called him) came from this family. He himself had nothing to do with the brewery. It was owned and run by Adolf Kesselring, a colonel who died in 1943. In 1946, Adolf’s widow, Gethrude Kesselring, handed over the management to her heirs, whose surname was now Himmel. The Himmel family owns and operates the brewery to the present day.

Urfränkisches Landbier Hell (Germany, Marktsteft) – 5% alk. Aroma is light, floral. Taste is soft, malty, slightly bready. In the aftertaste light grassy hops. Beer is very drinkable and perfectly balanced. An excellent example of a heel. A- rating.

Urfränkisches Landbier Pilsner (Germany, Marktsteft) – 5% alk. Just as excellent. Clean, dry, grain. In the aroma of a little fresh grass and bread. In the aftertaste crust of fresh white bread and a pleasant herbaceous bitterness accumulating after each sip. A- rating.

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