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Volkov Sour Ale and Dusseldorf Park


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Sour Ale от Волковской пивоварни

At the end of August we celebrated the birthday of the Volkovo brewery. It’s hard to say why August 27th was chosen (it’s also possible that it was Mikhail Yershov’s birthday), but why not! We celebrated in the brewery’s bar on Arma.

Let me remind you, Volkov’s brewery exists in three versions. The first is the big one, which is brewed at the IPC and available in all stores. The second is two mini breweries, in St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is sold in specialty stores, craft bars, and independent retailers. And the third is a very small one, a hundred liters. Sold as a rule only in the bar at the Kursk brewery.

The highlight was the Dusseldorf Park Altbier style beer, but we also paid tribute to the “sour” series.

All fruit sour ales produced in our country can probably be judged by the main parameter – how harmonious the taste is, whether it is “chemical” or close to natural. I think that the degree of acidity is not even that important. Is there a balance?

I would give all Volkovo sours a rating of “B+”. They are moderately sour, don’t cause heartburn or pangs, but most importantly, the taste is quite pleasant. Especially Cranberries. Refreshing, exactly cranberry, with a slight tartness. On the last hot days, drank it up! Cherry and Black Currant also went over well, although I’m not a fan of this style (for the 100500th time).

Dusseldorf Park (Russia, Moscow) – 4.8% alk. In the aroma of caramel and a bit of milk chocolate. The flavor is full. In the aftertaste to the caramel added biscuit. Excellent viola! The rating is “A-“.

Hoppy Lager (Russia, Moscow) – 5.5% alk. In the aroma of bright hops tones. Taste full, salty, biscuity. In the aftertaste grassy hop with a slight citrus flavor. Fresh, bright, powerful, as it should be in my mind Hoppy Lager. Rating of “A-“.

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