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Weidmann Hefeweissbier and Dunkelweizen


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Weidmann Hefeweissbier and Dunkelweizen

Weidmann Beer has changed its design. That’s why I bought it. I did not blindly see that the beer has been on our market for a long time and has therefore been tried for a long time. But for some reason I didn’t write about this beer in my blog. I stand corrected.

Weidmann, this is not a brewery, but an STM owned by the Dutch United Dutch Breweries. But it’s the brand they produce in Germany, in Hanover, apparently at the Gilde brewery.

Weidmann Hefeweissbier (Hannover, Germany) – 5.4/12.4 The flavor is traditional banana, but also a little iron. The taste is quite empty. In the aftertaste also banana, but no “fatness”, volume. The usual, average Weitzen. Rated “C+”.

Weidmann Dunkelweizen (Germany, Hannover) – 5/11.3 A little more interesting. In the aroma of banana and caramel. The taste is soft. In the aftertaste first failure, then malt, some coffee and milk and dried banana. Overall, given the complexity of the style itself, not bad. If more full-bodied, it would be excellent. Rated “B-.”

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Weidmann Hefeweissbier
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