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Altus Blond and Dark Beer


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Altus Blond and Dark Beer

We continue to explore the novelties of Red and White. Yes, the imports are not only from Belarus and Armenia – there are Belgian beers Altus, Blond, and Dark. They are brewed by the Martens brewery, which is well known in our market.

Martens makes beers under its own brand, as well as brews 100500 different STMs. In Untappd at least 220 pieces are listed. In Russia you can often find such brands as – Willianbräu, Kristoffel, Kwik, etc. As a rule, it is a fairly average beer, but clean, without defects.

Altus Blond (Belgium, Bocholt) – 6.5/13.6 In a faint aroma you can distinguish the florets. The taste is clean, empty. Malt sweetness is certainly there, but very flat. In the aftertaste, flowers and a little honey. A simple, dull blonde. In case anyone didn’t know and forgot, the Blond style was created as an alternative to pale lagers when they substantially ousted top-fermented beers in the Belgian market. If there are boring lagers, why can’t there also be boring blondes? Rated “C”.

Altus Dark (Belgium, Bocholt) – 6.5/13.6 Same clean, empty and flat. Some figs and prunes in the aroma and aftertaste. A little bit of caramel. Naturally, the dark beer is more interesting than the light beer in taste, but as a dub it is very, very simple. C+ rating.

Unless you’re expecting some sophisticated, multi-faceted flavor, as a simple beer it’s fine to drink. There’s no point in comparing it to the best Belgian beers in these styles, or even to classics like Leffe.

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