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Beer Glechik

And now let’s go to “Red and White”. The novelty from Borikhinsky brewery is “Glechik” beer. Glechik is a jug with a handle for milk. What does the beer and the roaring horse on the label have to do with it? Or rather, it’s not clear at all. At the time of writing, the site of Borikhinsky Brewery was not working. I did not find any explanations on the internet either, except that this is probably some kind of meme. Strange names are in vogue among the regionalists.

Glechik (Russia, Altai Territory, Borikha village) – 4.7/12 The aroma immediately spikes hydrogen sulfide, which is then overlaid with some paint tone. The taste is really clean, malty. You can even notice a hop in the aftertaste, but it is light and does not play a special role.

If it wasn’t for the smell (it’s still hard to call it an aroma), it would have been an ordinary regional lager. At least something unusual. Rated “D+”.

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Александр Иджон
Glechik beer
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