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Historical Unfiltered by Volfas Engelman


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Historical Unfiltered by Volfas Engelman

I never cease to be amazed at the Volfas Engelman brewery. They keep releasing new beers! Soon Denis Salnikov will be overtaken. I don’t pay much attention to whether it’s new or not. But I did pay attention to Istorinis Nefiltruotas, because the design is unusual. The jar on the photo is correct, just printed upside down on purpose. Istorinis Nefiltruotas (Historical Unfiltered), as you can see from the name – unfiltered, and therefore the yeast likes to accumulate at the bottom. Turning the can over, you shake the beer and there is no stratification – first clear and then cloudy.

Volfas Engelman wasn’t the first to use this technique with a can. I don’t know who invented it, but I first saw it with Austrian Egger Zwickl. The main thing here is that in the store the cans were standing “correctly”, that is, in a readable form. I bought them in Dixie, where they stood as on the photo, having probably decided that it was a defect.

Istorinis Nefiltruotas (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 5,2/11,7 In the untappd this beer is declared as Lager – Pale, although it is a Zwickel (aka Kellerbier). This is evidenced by a slight turbidity of the drink and actually all these manse with the can. However, a lot of yeast in the beer is not.

Aroma is weak, bread aroma. Taste malted, clean. Hops are noticeable in the aftertaste. A slight sourness is also noticeable. Either from the yeast or from the CO2. But if you consider this beer a zwickel, it is quite acceptable. Overall, a normal beer, no defects, but also no interest. C+ Rating.

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Istorinis Nefiltruotas beer
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