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Krombacher Dark beer

The Krombacher Dark beer was also bought at FoodCity, but in a different tent than the Lausitzer Häuselbier. When the salesman saw me, he said at once – there’s nothing new! But even in the old stuff, it’s not a sin to poke around. For example Krombacher. I already wrote that I am familiar with it for a long time. I first tried it in Germany, way back in 2001, and brought home a 5-liter wine barrel (it hadn’t been sold in Russia yet). But that was Hell.

In the future, Krombacher was sold in many chains and did not cause much enthusiasm. Pure, but simple lager from the German giant. As for Krombacher Dark I have not met for some reason. Or met, but the view slipped past. Now I stopped.

Krombacher Dark (Germany, Kreuzthal) – 4.7/11 Aroma is weak, burnt. The taste is dry. In the aftertaste burnt, bread crust and a little bit of seeds. Seeds, of course, this is not good, but given the date of bottling – January 2022, forgivable. I wonder where this beer has traveled so far.

Yes, it loses to the Kostritzer reference Schwarzbeer of course, but on a good level. Unfortunately, the classic Schwarzbeer is almost impossible to find here. Rated “B”.

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Александр Иджон
Krombacher Dark
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