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Moosbacher Alte Liebe Bock

Пивоварня Landbrauerei Scheuerer достаточно давно представлена на нашем рынке, но из-за цены не покупал. Разглядывая холодильник с пивом на

FoodCity for novelties, I thought, why not buy it? Especially since it was cheaper there than in Weinstein or other places. I got a side – Moosbacher Alte Liebe Bock. German Bock is usually interesting.

Landbrauerei Scheuerer Brewery, is a small private brewery, in operation since 1887 and still run by the same Scheuerer family. The current brewer is Ulrich Scheuerer, who holds a master’s degree in brewing.

The bottle has a clog cork and the cork has a Belarusian brand on it. This is most likely due to repeated (I don’t know what to call it correctly) imports from Belarus.

Moosbacher Alte Liebe Bock (Germany, Mosbach) – 6.8/18.5 There is practically no carbonation. Probably because of the bunghole cork. Aroma of dried fruits. Taste is sweet, malt and bread. In the aftertaste a bit of honey. Hops not immediately, but after a few sips comes through.

Apart from the lack of gas, there is nothing particularly interesting. Somehow flat and not expressive. Something like a good homebrew. This kind of beer should be drunk on the spot or at least very fresh. Long transport and storage it does not hold up. Rated “C”.

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Moosbacher Alte Liebe Bock
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