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Palatin Extra Chmeleny 10 and 12 beer


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Palatin Extra Chmeleny 10 and 12 beer

Now let’s move on to the Slovak beer Palatin from Steiger brewery. Steiger has been sold in Russia for a long time, I wrote about it back in 2018, but I haven’t met the Palatin brand. The name refers to a certain György (Juraj) Turzo, a Hungarian statesman, Palatin of the Hungarian kingdom under King Matthew II. Turzo’s residence was in the castle of the town of Bitscha, not far from the brewery.

Palatin Extra Chmeleny 10 (Slovakia, Banska Bystrica) – 4,1/10 In the aroma and aftertaste boiled shrimp! No, not the hops flavor or anything else, but exactly the smell of boiled shrimp! That’s the first time I’ve come across that. Otherwise, as a normal “dessert”. Light malt flavor, quite noticeable (although not “extra”) hops. Rating “C-“.

Palatin Extra Chmeleny 12 (Slovakia, Banska Bystrica) – 5/12 Here everything is more or less clean. In the aroma of malt with a slight caramel. The taste is sweet with a touch of cardboard. In the aftertaste noticeable hop, caramel, malt. Rated “C +”.

Beer purchased on FoodCity. Not found in regular retail.

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Palatin Extra Chmeleny beer
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