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Two strong beers from Eichbaum


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Two strong beers from Eichbaum

The Eichbaum brewery has almost two hundred products in its assortment. It has a wide presence on our market, too. There are the famous “monkeys” from Red and White, and Troll-Brew from Perekriostok, and it is often found under its own name.

Eichbaum Extra Stout was once sold here, but then disappeared. Now it has appeared with a new design and the name Stout Superior. I have not tried just Strong Superior 7.9, so I took both. I remember that I did not like Stout at all and wanted to renew my impressions.

Stout Superior (Mannheim, Germany) – 7,5/16,5 Aroma is burnt and iron. The taste is soft, alcohol does not stick out. In the aftertaste burnt, coffee with milk and a little oiliness (diacetyl?). Impressions are better than those of 2016. Yes, a simple and not intricate stout, but drinkable. C+ rating.

Strong Superior 7.9 (Mannheim, Germany) – 7.9/16.3 Strangely, with a higher alcohol content, the ENS is less. However, the alcoholiness is not felt here either, although you understand that the beer is strong. There is sweet fruit in the aroma. The taste is moderately dry, but not empty. In the aftertaste malt and some pepper. Perhaps so reveals the alcohol.  If judged specifically as a strong lager, it is well made. Rated “B-“.

Both beers were bought in the store chain “Rest” (aka Koolklaver), priced at 99 rubles.

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Eichbaum Stout Superior
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