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Beer Kanzler IPA and APA


по Djons

The village store is once again stocked with beer from the Kantzler brewery. In August I wrote about their lagers and blancs. This time there is APA and IPA. The price is a little over a hundred rubles, which is reasonable for non-network retail. The previous beer did not strike me with something bright and special, but did not cause me any complaints. I bought it so as to say in continuation.

Kanzler APA (Russia, Voronezh) – 4.8/14 Aroma is quite bright, fruity and sweet. Taste clean, but also sweet and caramel. In the aftertaste of tangerines and a little pine, but just as sweet. Summary – flavorful, clean, but overly sweet. Rated “C +”.

Kanzler IPA (Russia, Voronezh) – 5.8/16 This IPA is no longer sweet, rather dry. The aroma is pine and citrus. The same in the aftertaste. Of the minuses – a little bitter unbalanced bitterness. Otherwise clean, no complaints. The rating is also “C +”.

As you can see the whole lineup of Voronezh Kantsler is not bad, although each beer has some quirks (as in the case of blanche) or some razblankishness. It’s nice that it’s clean and without defects. The stylistics are generally correct as well. I will try other beers from them if possible.

Alexandr Idzhon
Kanzler IPA beer

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