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Bitburger Dry Hop’d Zwickl beer


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Bitburger Dry Hop'd Zwickl beer

They say that Germans are alien to Kraft and Kraft does not take root in their land. Give them only the tried-and-true stories – Helles and Weizens. This, of course, is not true. Yes, the German beer market has its peculiarities and yes, it is very traditional. However, German brewers are no strangers to new trends. For example, the Bitburger brewery.

Bitburger is best known for its pilsner and its slogan – Bitte ein Bit! In the brewery’s assortment, apart from that, there are mostly traditional German brews – Märzen, Dortmunder, Helles, etc. And now I see a Bitburger Dry Hop’d Zwickl on the shelf! That is a zwickel with triple hop! Interesting? Very much so.

Dry Hop’d Zwickl, is a collaboration between Bitburger and American brewery Deschutes Brewery. Deschutes won the 2019 Bitburger Challenge, the point of which was to brew the best German-style lager. They did. The reward was the opportunity to make a joint brew in Germany. It was a hybrid of Zwickel and IPL.

A dry-hopped beer using American Citra, Mosaic, and the signature Bitburger Siegelhopfen hops from Südeifel.

Bitburger Dry Hop’d Zwickl (Bitburger, Germany) – 4.9/11.8 The color is amber and cloudy, as zwickel should be. The aroma of flowers and fruit. The taste is full, a little caramel. In the aftertaste you also feel the fruit and a noticeable herbaceous bitterness. There is certainly a yeasty tone, but not strong and quite organically woven into the taste. Rating “A-“.

Quite an interesting experiment.

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Bitburger Dry Hop'd Zwickl
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