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Bulgarian beer Old Plovdiv and Lomsko Porter


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Bulgarian beer Old Plovdiv and Lomsko Porter

Two other beers Igor brought back were Bulgarian Stariyat Plovdiv and Lomsko Porter. I have written about Bulgarian beers from time to time, remembering to wipe away a nostalgic tear about how they were brought to my dad and how much he liked them.

I can’t help but notice a certain resemblance to Romanian, though it’s more psychological and doesn’t bring up the famous phrase – “In a word – Romanian! Isn’t he Bulgarian? What’s the difference!”

Stariyat Plovdiv (Bulgaria, Plovdiv) – 5% alk. Like the Romanian Kraft, the Bulgarian one greeted me with gashing. Not strong, but the beer was trying to get out of its confinement (not Bastille Porter!). It was immediately clear that the case smelled… It smelled bad. A full bouquet of defects – burnt insulation, varnish, aspirin bitterness.

What’s interesting, it’s presented as a sort of homage to “that” beer. It seems that the nostalgia hormone is not only in play with our consumers and brewers. Sometimes it yields such creepy results. The official website says:

This lager will take you back in time better than a time machine. Its taste (as well as the recipe for which it is made) is pure and simple, like a memory of the past.

The key word is “recollection,” not what actually happened. The grade is “D-“. The implementation deadline, by the way, is as much as January 15, 2023. If the defective regional lager is a Kraft, then yes – it is (but no)!

Lomsko Porter (Bulgaria, Lom) – 6/13 Again we remember the Romanian. With the same specifications, this beer is positioned exactly as a porter, not a dark lager. I agree – porter (since the brewer called it that). Simple and given the ENS is a little watery, but drinkable and does not cause negativity (unless of course you were expecting burnt galoshes and a riot of flavor here).

The burntness is palpable, but not sour. A little bit of black bread crust and very little coffee. Nothing pokes out anywhere. Rated C+.

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