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Ename Pater beer

I recently stopped by the Miratorg chain store. There you can sometimes find interesting beer at pleasant prices, and here is a ride of unheard-of generosity – Belgian beer Ename Pater at a price of 85 rubles! It is clear that this is not caused by boundless love for customers, but the expiry date. But we know that Belgian beer is extremely difficult to “expire”. Often, it only benefits from long-term storage. And the loss of eighty-five rubles didn’t scare me too much (I even spent 170 – I took two!).

Ename Pater is brewed at the Brouwerij Roman brewery, known to us both from the Roman brand itself and from Sloeber, Ramon and Adriaen Brouwer. The name Pater, aka Enkel or Patersbier, means “single” (in the case of Enkel) or “fatherly” (in the case of Pater). That is, beer for the holy fathers. I tried a similar Westmalle Trappist Extra a year ago.

Ename abbey beer, like many “abbey” brands, is brewed only as a memory of a once-existing monastery. Ename Abbey was destroyed back during the French Revolution and now only ruins remain of it. But since there are ruins, it means that beer can be brewed and called “Abbey beer”.

Ename Pater (Belgium, Ghent) – 5,5/12,8 The aroma has a light aroma of leafy leaves, bread and malt. Tart, crisp and dry taste. In the aftertaste crust of white bread and flowers. Quite piquant, pleasant and refreshing. Without the gimmicks, which are not necessary here. Rated A-.

I wish I had taken everything off the shelf, but the backpack was full.

Alexandr Idzhon
Ename Pater beer

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