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Family Series George B.’s English Porter


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Family Series George B.'s English Porter

I thought there was nothing interesting from Canadian Moosehead Breweries. Not getting my hopes up, I took George B.’s English Porter. English Porter is not often found on our shelves. After all, as usual, if it says “Porter”, it must be something powerful, strong, preferably with creosote and burnt galoshes in the taste. And English… …that’s porter. It’s… dark water, not even black water. Extremism in the expectations!

Family Series George B.’s English Porter is brewed in the Small Batch line. Small Batch, these are different non-mass brews, a kind of “craft” beer line from Moosehead Breweries. Apparently, the Family Series combines beers brewed based on historical brews produced at the brewery in different years.

George B.’s English Porter (St. John’s, Canada) – 4.8/12 The aroma has some barrel, wine and chocolate. The taste is soft – butterscotch, caramel. A dash of red berries in the aftertaste. A very balanced, smooth and pleasant English style porter. Rated “B+”.

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Александр Иджон
George B.'s English Porter
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