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Mandarin ale from Vasileostrovskaya brewery


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Mandarin ale from Vasileostrovskaya brewery

We like to prepare for the New Year in advance. In November, they start putting up decorations, putting up Christmas trees in windows, and so on. I condemn and do not support this nonsense, because in this way the holiday is devalued. But I do not see anything wrong with releasing winter beer in advance. It’s better than watching “Christmas” beer on the shelf in March. That is why it seems to me that Tangerine ale from Vasileostrovskaya brewery has appeared on the shelves at just the right time.

Tangerine ale is not positioned as a Christmas beer, but as you can see on the label the winter theme is displayed. Of course it does! Although nowadays tangerines are fashionable to buy all year round, but the smell of this citrus fruit (at least in my generation) is clearly associated with the Christmas tree and the New Year.

Tangerine ale (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 6/19 There are tangerines in the armature. The taste is sweet, full-bodied. In the aftertaste of course also tangerines and a pleasant tartness, as from the tangerine peel. With tangerine juice is very rare to have a tasty beer. And have you seen the juice itself on sale? Probably not in its pure form. Tangerine juice doesn’t taste very good (for some reason). But in this case, Vasileostrovskaya brewery has done everything right.

If this beer is still on sale, I’ll definitely buy myself a couple of bottles to drink it while slicing salads on the evening of the 31st. To lift my spirits. Rated B+.

I bought it at the Lenta hypermarket. Price 150 rubles.


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Tangerine ale
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