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Meister Premium and Kvietinis beer


по Djons

The Volfas Engelman brewery is here again! Now under the Meister brand. One beer was bought in Aromatic World, the second one I can’t remember, but I’m sure it can be found in many places. The design of the cans is slightly different, but the brand is the same – Meister. Importers, by the way, also different.

Meister Premium (Lithuania, Kaunas) – 5/10.5 Ordinary EuroLager. Well fermented, but no spiritiness. Malted, clean. In the aroma of a little flowers. The taste is empty. In the aftertaste is very light hops. Grade “C”.

Meister Kvietinis (Lithuania, Kaunas) – 5/11 Also a hollow, dry weitzen. The aroma and aftertaste is dominated by cloves rather than banana. This makes the beer a bit more refreshing than the “fat” witzenes I like. That’s not to say that this approach is wrong. The Germans also have this kind of weitzenes – dry, clovey. But I think they are boring. Rated C+.

Both beers do not cause rejection, but domestic beer is not a little worse, and even better full-packed. The price is under 100 rubles, however, I do not see the point of overpaying just because the beer is imported.

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