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Prokhor Beer

Not too long ago, in my video on YouTube, I mentioned the opening of a draft beer store from the chain “Drov” in Moscow. Drova, this is a signature chain from the Taiga pub-brewery in Lipetsk. Basically, the store features products from this particular brewery and most (or rather the vast majority) of the draft. But, there is one beer, apparently the flagship brand – Prokhor. Prokhor beer is bottled and of course I took him to try it at home in a quiet environment.

Prokhor (Russia, Lipetsk region, Filatovka) – 4,5/12 According to the marketing legend, Prokhor is a huntsman in the taiga who appreciates everything proven and reliable. Well, that’s not exactly the standard approach. Sounds prettier than the howls of most mRacketologists about “real live” or “the very same, according to Soviet GOST.

It’s clear that this is a regular light lager (well, not old Prokhor sighing over IPA?!). The aroma is malt. The taste is full, malty, with a light cardboard. In the aftertaste there are almost no hops, but there is no excessive sweetness. Just a normal light lager. Rating “C”.

Taiga has more interesting styles of beer in its range – IPA, Blanche, Stout, etc., but it was lager that was interesting to try. Pasha Egorov really took an IPA, he said it was okay.

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Prokhor Beer
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