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Shihan pale beer

В магазине Глобус неожиданно появилась линейка пива Шихан, которую в Москве до недавнего времени не продавали. Шихан варит “Объединенные

Heineken breweries” and refer to it not as a federal brand, but as a regional one. That is, to be sold in a particular region, not all over the country. Maybe they decided to take it to the federal level, or maybe they just needed to get something on the shelves, but several varieties of this beer are sold.

I only took the Shikhan Lager, since I had a rough idea of the contents of the can and didn’t really want to spend money on this beer. Interesting official description:

A beer with a balanced, light wine tone, with a hoppy bitterness and an enveloping malt aroma. In addition to barley malt, rice is used to make this beer, which gives it the characteristic color qualities of a light beer.

About the taste below, but why rice suddenly determines the “color qualities” of beer is a mystery to me! By the way, I have nothing against rice. Rice gives a certain softness to the taste, which is sometimes very good (if you use it competently).

Shikhan Lager (Ekaterinburg, Russia) – 4,7/10,5 Aroma: wet grain and nothing more (what wine tones can a beer with 4.7% alcohol have?!). The taste is sweet, cereal. In the aftertaste of course there are no hops, no bitterness. The usual depressing eurolager, not the best kind. Rated “C-“.

So that I was not accused again – again exhausting yourself with different crap – I celebrated my birthday with Rodenbach Vintage 2012, which was presented to me a year ago for the anniversary. It seems to be becoming a tradition to drink it on my birthday. I also drank it in 2017, but this time it was ten years old!

What can I say – great, just a beautiful beer. Very pleasant and moderate acidity. Aroma and taste of red berries. Tart. The grade is still “A +”.

If I see this beer on sale somewhere (just in case…), I’ll definitely buy it and stash it for my next birthday. Right now only the 2017 and 2019 vintages are on sale. Maybe, of course, to buy them and keep them…

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Shikhan beer
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