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Vienas Golden and Premium Lager beer


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Vienas Golden and Premium Lager beer

Two more new beers from Lenta – Vienas Golden Lager and Premium Lager. What’s interesting, in Untappd one beer is listed as produced by Volfas Engelman, and the other by Lukritma. But the thing is that UAB Lukritma is not a brewery, but a large Lithuanian distributor. The Russian-language label lists both beers as brewed at Lukritma, which is already commonplace. Remember Old Prague and some other STMs that have a false production address.

But, what is even more interesting – on the can itself, the true producer is also not indicated. It only says that “Produced by the order of “Lukritma”. Most likely, this was done for “universality” of the jar, so that each time a new edition would not print, if the production would be in different factories. It is unclear how this corresponds to the European legislation, but probably works.

Taking into account the 0.568 liter can, I am inclined to believe that the beer is still brewed at Volfas Engelman.

Vienas Golden Lager (Lithuania, Kaunas) – 5/11,2 Aroma of malt with a slight floral note. Taste of grain with a slight butteriness (diacetyl). In the aftertaste flowers, sweetness and also a little diacetyl. Strangely, until now, this defect is not found in products Volfas Engelman. Everything was clean. Grade “C”.

Vienas Premium Lager (Lithuania, Kaunas) – 5.8/11.4 Aroma and aftertaste, a little caramel. The taste is malty, dry with a touch of wine tones (Judging by the TTC, a very puckered beer). In the aftertaste pungent hops, which is not very much. Everything is clean here, but the beer is not drinkable and looks remotely like a Viennese lager. C- Grade.

Both beers are boring and uninteresting.

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Vienas beer
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