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WelfBräu Pils and Ebertsburg Hefeweizen beers


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And again about the search for pearl grain among the flow of German brands from all the well-known factories – Eichbaum and Gotha (read OeTtinger, although now Paulner buys it). It’s hard to tell which of the extensive list of brands these factories produce (205 at Eichbaum and 131 at Oettinger, according to Untappd) are proprietary brands and which are bespoke. What’s just a new label and what’s from the original recipe. Nevertheless, there are some good beers here too, especially considering the price/quality ratio.

WelfBräu Pils (Germany, Gotha) – 4.3/9.2 Aroma is weak. Taste watery. You betcha, with such a ratio of alcohol to ENS – it’s really out of whack! Some flowers and grassy hops in the aftertaste. Malt on the tip of the knife (usually the opposite). Boring and not interesting, but poor and clean. Rated “C” .

Ebertsburg Hefeweizen (Geramnia, Mannheim) – 5.2/11.8 Tapka writes that the beer is probably made for the Chinese market. Apparently, this conclusion comes from the fact that the can itself has information in Chinese. Most likely the beer is for the international market after all. If there will be sales in Mongolia to print a can, they will add Mongolian.

Surprisingly good weitzen. Dry and refreshing (who likes it that way). A bit of citrus, but the banana is quite noticeable. Just a good value for money here. Rated B-.

Don’t ask where I bought it – I don’t remember. But, the importer of both brands is MPK. Apparently they decided to take over a part of the field of inexpensive imports.

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