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Are Abbe Blonde and Brune beers a copy of Leffe?


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Are Abbe Blonde and Brune beers a copy of Leffe?

 AB InBevEffes launched licensed production of Belgian Leffe in Russia after February 2022, but something went wrong and in early fall they announced the cessation of production of this brand. Although, the same Spaten and Franziskaner continue to be brewed. Maybe the abbots were against it, maybe something else, but Leffe leaves our market, although they brought the original one the wrong way round. Instead of Leffe decided to produce some Abbey (not to be confused with Abbey).

It appeared in Pyatyeochka the other day. Yesterday Pasha Egorov wrote on FB that he also bought it and was quite surprised by the price (in the worst sense). My situation is exactly the same. Five habitually did not put the price tag under this beer. I took it without looking. Well, how much can a replacement for a gone Leffe cost? That’s right – as much as it is. Rubles 120-140. Pretty expensive, but not critical to try. But no! Abbe cost… At 216 rubles per can!!! And I kept thinking – what I bought so expensive that the check came out for a thousand? I thought it was the avocado. In vain!

Maybe tomorrow I should go and check the price tag and if there is none, then cheer up “Pyatye korimilitsa” through Rospotrebnadzor? But, let’s move on to the beer.

Abbe Blonde (Ulyanovsk, Russia) – 6.6/15.6 Quite pleasant blonde with florals, light caramel and everything that is supposed to be in it. Specifications, as well as the composition is exactly the same as the licensed Leffe, and to the senses, too. I’ll leave my evaluation with a “B”.

Abbe Brune (Russia, Ulyanovsk) – 6.5/15.6 Exactly the same story. Nice, smooth brune. Caramel, toffee, a little hop crust. All smooth and clean. The rating is also a “B.”

With 99.9% probability, this is the same beer as Leffe. The price situation is unclear. Maybe there’s a mistake, but if it’s right, it will last on the shelf for exactly one year (until the expiration date runs out). For, no one for the money it does not need.

If this is not a mistake, then AB InBevEffes’ strategy is to roll out beer at the maximum price and then reduce it with “stock”, finding a balance of sales and profits. A strange strategy in the current market.

Alexandr Idzhon
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