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Beer 8.6 I.P.L. and Original


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Beer 8.6 I.P.L. and Original

Beer brand 8.6 was quite popular back in the 90s. It was associated with a rather strong, but imported beer (there was no Baltika No. 9 back then). In the 2000s, its popularity waned, but from time to time it appeared here and there. It is brewed by the notorious Bavria brewery in the Netherlands (Holland), which belongs to the Royal Swinkels Family Brewers.

Bavaria is the second largest brewery in the Netherlands and it is an old one. Now of course it is equipped with modern equipment, but it was founded as far back as 1680. It was founded by Dirk Vereiken. Subsequently, the heirs married, got married, the surnames changed. In 1764 Brigitte Murris married Ambrosius Swinkels. Since then, the brewery has been owned by the Swinkels family.

Swinkels Family Brewers operates in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Not long ago, Swinkels bought a stake and then an entire stake in Palm Brewery. In 2007, the company was accused of price-fixing. Along with Heineken and Grolsch, Swinkels was fined a pretty decent amount. The most interesting thing is that there was a fourth participant, InBev (what would BeNiLux be without it?!), but… They didn’t pay anything, because they “provided ‘crucial information’ about the cartel’s activities. In simple terms, they ratted everyone out at the first snoop.

Swinkels produce such popular brands as Bavaria, Hollandia, La Trappe and Swinckels itself. Bavaria and Hollandia are also brewed (brewed?) under license in Russia.

8.6 I.P.L. (Netherlands, Lyskhout) – 7/16 Quite amusing stuff! This is a strong IPL, and the abbreviation is more like Intense Pale Lager. The aroma is bright, hoppy, toward citrus and Christmas trees. There were clearly hop oils used here for dry-hopping. I don’t see anything wrong with that, it’s just very noticeable. Some perfumery is there. The taste is mild and slightly sweet. There is very little bitterness (20 IBU at this density is barely noticeable). The alcohol is hidden. C+ rating.

8.6 Original (The Netherlands, Lyskhout) – 8.6/17 Do not be confused by the label on the can – blond beer. To the style of blond, this beer has nothing to do. It simply states that it is light (Belgian blonde is spelled as blonde). It’s a strong lager. First brewed in 1986, and probably from that date went the whole series of beers 8.6.

The aroma is sweet, the taste is also sweet, but not sugary. Lollipops and for some reason a bit of cinnamon seemed in the aftertaste. The alcohol is just as well hidden. As a strong lager, not a bad specimen. But the style itself is “for the lovers. Rated C+.

Alexandr Idzhon
8.6 I.P.L. beer

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