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Beer Motor 10

Motor 10, another beer that has been “elusive” so far. Now it is perfectly “caught” in Perekriostok, where it was bought. The style of strong lager most people usually associate with Baltika № 9 or the notorious Okhota – beer for marginal people, the main task of which is to get the alcohol to the brain as fast as possible.

However, the recent emergence of such brands as Icebreaker or Motor, somewhat changed the idea of mass strong beer. It’s like this: Belgian strong ale is good, it’s kosher! Strong lager is yuck, yuck, yuck!

When Igor Samsonovich held a “beer casino” and blindly exposed the same Motor (which is 8% alk.), people unanimously decided – it’s definitely something Belgian. But no, it was not! Of course, there were no professionals at the table, capable of distinguishing ale from lager by taste and imported from domestic by color.

Can not say that I like this style, but it would be wrong to ignore it.

Motor 10 (Russia, Moscow region, Mytishchi) – 10/21.5 Sweet, slightly caramel, candy flavor. Taste is also sweet, but not sugary and quite pleasant. Alcohol does not stick out, neither in aroma nor in taste (if not strongly chilled of course), but it feels warming sharpness. In the aftertaste you can also note the caramel notes.

If we consider this beer in its style, the Motor 10 is a well made, strong lager, with the alcohol hidden as much as possible (at 10%). Rated “B+.”

Asked once to try the “Strong Hop” as well. It is true 8% alcohol and therefore should be compared to a similar Motor. Not a bad string. Alcohol does not stick out either. A fruity touch in taste and aroma, but to me it does not seem as full-bodied as its Mytishchi counterpart. I’d rate it a C+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Motor 10

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