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Belgica beer

The last post of the year is dedicated to Belgica, a Belgian beer from Brasserie de Londres-Mons. This small brewery is located in Mons and, as usual, refers to the ancient traditions of brewing in these parts. In fact, the brewery is quite young and modern.

Belgica Wheat Beer (Belgium, Mons) – 4.5/12 Very simple and uncomplicated whiskey. Almost no citrus. There is a little coriander in the aroma and aftertaste. Light acidity, bread tones. Clean, but very empty. Rated C+.

Belgica Blondr (Belgium, Mons) – 6.2/13 A little more interesting, but also simple. Flowers, malt in the aroma. The taste is soft, a little spicy. In the aftertaste the yeasty tone is intertwined with malt and floral nuances. Rated “B-“.

Belgica Beer Red (Belgium, Mons) – 7/16 Nice cherry beer, not too much cherry. In the aroma and aftertaste naturally cherry. In the aftertaste tartness and bone. The taste is moderately sweet. Well balanced. The grade of “B-“.

Belgica Beer Triple (Belgium, Mons) – 8,5/16 Aroma of flowers and some alcohol. The taste is dry and bread. In the aftertaste of the yeast, flowers and white bread crust. Somewhat empty, but clean. Rated B-.

The whole beer is neatly made, clean, but what they call “not a lot of stars from the sky. Other things being equal, I would have preferred the recent Fagnes.

Happy New Year, everyone! May beer be with you and to beer all over the world!

Alexandr Idzhon
Belgica beer

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