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Bernstein beer

Despite all the turbulence in the current beer market, both small and large breweries are releasing new beers and exploring new niches. Even the beer giants are stepping up. Their subsidiaries are putting DIPA, tomato gose, and other stuff on supermarket shelves that you couldn’t even think about a couple of years ago! I’m not even talking about the minis. VkusVilla, for example, has a pretty good selection from kraft breweries. And what about the medium-sized breweries?

But the medium-sized and regional breweries are quiet. Everything is on track. A good example is the company Ochakovo. They have tried their hand in craft brewing (experiments with LEP) and having understood that this is not their field, they started doing their usual business – multiplying entities without the need to produce new brands.

Not something new, but just another pseudo-import brand (oh, how many of them Ochakovo had!) and bottled under it. The last one was Sieben. Now a new ersatz German brand – Bernstein.

Bernstein (Russia, Moscow) – 4.5/11 Aroma is weak with a slight rag. Taste was slightly sweet, malty and also with a wet rag. A bit of caramel in the aftertaste. The hops are minimal. Empty and boring beer. Rated C-.

But, do not despair. German vocabulary is still very large. You can continue to produce in the hope that the consumer will someday appreciate another Arschlocher and sales will go.

It is very sad to see how Ochakovo gives up every year and is no longer able to put something competitive and interesting on the market. I have always treated them with love and respect, but…

Alexandr Idzhon
Bernstein beer

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