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Fagnes beer

I will continue to tell you about the beers that were tasted as part of the Ratingtelling project. It is quite useful to take “homework” after such tastings and compare the results. It’s one thing when you’re tasting blindly, quickly, in 50ml portions, and another when you’re tasting thoughtfully, at home, a whole bottle. The results are slightly different, but usually not drastically. This is the case with the Fagnes beer from Brasserie des Fagnes. It received quite high marks in the tasting.

Brasserie des Fagnes is not very old. It was opened in 1998 by Frédéric Adant, whose great-grandfather Victor Adan owned a brewery in Leval-Traeny (Hainaut province) in 1920. Unfortunately, it could not survive the Second World War, but Frédéric has tried to revive its spirit. The brewery brews more than fifty varieties and has a volume of 10,000 hectoliters per year.

Fagnes Gold (Belgium, Mariamburg) – 5,1/11,7 There are flowers in the aroma. The taste is full, malty. In the aftertaste cloves, badjan, allspice. Blond with spices. Moreover, the spices accurately complement the yeasty tones, which can also be characterized as “spice. Unusual and interesting. Rating “A-“.

Fagnes Blonde (Belgium, Mariamburg) – 7.5/16.4 Now this is a classic blonde. Aroma is soft, malty, slightly floral. Taste a little sweet, malty. In the aftertaste malt, flowers, biscuit and pepper. A good blonde that opens up at +12+15 Cº. Rating “B+”.

Fagnes Blood Orange (Belgium, Mariamburg) – 7/16 Orange Blonde. The aroma of oranges. The taste is sweet. In the aftertaste also sweet oranges. Somewhat lemony, but tasty and what else would you expect from a beer with orange! Rating of “B”.

Fagnes Brune (Belgium, Mariamburg) – 7,5/16,4 Aroma of caramel. The taste is soft, slightly sweet. In the aftertaste chocolate muffins and a little tartness. Nice, smooth brun. Rated B+.

Fagnes Cuvée Constant (Belgium, Mariamburg) – 7.5/16.9 This beer is a bit brighter. The aroma has caramel, nuts. The taste is soft. In the aftertaste candies Toffifee, chocolate brownies and . Borodinsky bread. Very interesting and the taste changes as the beer heats up. Rating “A-“.

Fagnes Triple (Belgium, Mariamburg) – 9/18.6 The aroma is fruit (primarily apricot). The taste is dense, moderately sweet. In the aftertaste of apricot, peach, allspice and a little spice (from alcohol apparently). Intense, bright tripe, as it should be. A rating.

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