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Helles and Hefeweizen from German brewery Michelstädter


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Helles and Hefeweizen from German brewery Michelstädter

New German regionals are coming in to take the place of those dropped out. Yesterday I had a beer from the Michelstädter brewery to test.

The Michelstädter brewery is located in the mountainous area of Odenwald, not far from Darmstadt. It was founded in 1721 by Johann Sebastian Heusler. The Heusler family owned and operated the brewery for 200 years. It’s not quite clear whether it’s still in business today.

Naturally, the two world wars had an extremely negative impact on the business. Michelstädter remained the only brewery in Odenwald. The economic recovery after World War II boosted beer production and in 1960 new brewery buildings were built and equipment upgraded.

The brewery actively cooperates with another private brewery, Pfungstädter Brewery, whose beers are well known in our country and are sold in the KuulKlewer (formerly Otdohni) chain. This has allowed them to conquer the local market and most of the beer sold in this area is the beer of these two breweries.

Michelstädter Helles (Germany, Michelstadt) – 4,9/11,5 Aroma malted, soft. The same mild taste. A bit of flowers and a slight bitterness in the aftertaste. All as it should be a classic Helles. Very drinkable and pleasant. As they say, neither add nor subtract. Rated B+.

Michelstädter Hefeweizen (Germany, Michelstadt) – 5.2/12.4 But I will not say so about Weizen. Yes, there is banana and cloves in the aftertaste. The taste is sour and rather flat. A little bit of citrus in the aftertaste, along with the banana. Who likes a sour, refreshing vicenza – maybe yes. But, still, it lacks zest and from that balance. Otherwise, a typical weitzen. C+ Rating.

As for the non-alcoholic wyzen, I don’t take credit for non-alcoholic beer. But, if making a b/a beer as similar to an alcoholic beer as possible, it should probably be a Weizen. Behind the bananas and other inherent aromas and flavors, the “non-alcoholic” hollowness and malt tones hide quite well.

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Michelstädter Helles
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