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Hubertus Světlý ležák Medium 11°

Czech Republic

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Hubertus Světlý ležák Medium 11°

Hubertus Brewery, formerly Kacov, was one of the first Czech breweries I visited back in 2007. The brewery was founded in 1457, but this is again a marketing noodle. Most likely, this is the date of the first mention of beer production in the city of Kacov. Nevertheless, the brewery is pretty old. The building itself is about the IXX century.

When we were there, the old equipment in the form of copper brewing cauldrons and open fermentation tanks was still in operation. In the courtyard there was an “icehouse”, a cellar where ice from the Sazava River was stored. The ice was poured into a large circular room in the cellar, around which beer barrels were placed. The use of “icehouse” to cool beer stopped literally in the late 90’s and that because of the lack of ice on the river (global warming).

In the gosudka at the brewery we also drank probably the cheapest beer on that trip. 0,3 liter of lager cost only 6 crowns, which corresponded to about 10 rubles.

In the same year, 2007, the brewery began to renovate and, apparently, around this time it was renamed Hubertus. The copper vats have survived, but only as a decoration. They already have the modern Ziemmann stuffing. I think that the fermentation room also underwent changes. Over time, the bottling lines were renewed as well. At the moment the lines are modern KHS production lines allowing filling kegs, branded bottles and PET (yes, beer in PET is not only available in Russia!).

Hubertus Světlý ležák Medium 11° (Czech Republic, Kacov) – 4.4/11 Malty aroma, taste too. There is a little bit of bog in the taste. Hops visible, but rough and seems old (or oxidized), as clearly visible “socks. In spite of the new equipment, it seems that the “same” taste was preserved. Yes, on the spot, soaking up the local flavor and getting to know the Czech regional beer for the first time, drinking it for six crowns was miraculously good! But now, for 150 rubles… Unless out of nostalgic feelings. Rated “C”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Hubertus Světlý ležák Medium 11°

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