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ID JONS IPA and Spicy Tomato

The other day, in the comments, I was quite rightly reminded that I had not yet written about the fact that I have released two new beers. They are simply called ID Jons IPA and ID Jons Spice Tomato. What about the tradition of naming new beers according to the historical dates of the day they were brewed? The tradition remained, the concept changed.

It was decided to expand the lineup of permanent beers. Well, how to expand – to form. Until now only Bastille Porter has been continuously brewed. There will be no special names for this lineup. It will be simple – ID Jons IPA and ID Jons Spice Tomato, etc.. True, we tried to keep the slogans.

The lineup will be the most popular in terms of sales styles of beer (many are already surprised at the tomato). When will be brewed one-time, specialty beers, then yes – they will be with a separate name.

And so, here’s what came out first in the permanent lineup.

ID Jons IPA (Russia, Penza region, Kuznetsk) – 5,5/14 As noted in Untappd, this is not West Coast IPA, but closer to sessional. As you know, I’m not much into “extremism and abstractionism” (although you can sometimes). The aroma and aftertaste has more emphasis on citrus, “lemon slices”, light caramel. I liked the way it turned out. Rated B+.

ID Jons Spice Tomato (Russia, Penza region, Zarechny) – 4/14 Well, yes, tomato. Accordingly, all there is, is a tomato. Moderate (although here it depends on who) spice, a little Worcester sauce. It’s the same thing with sauce as it is with spiciness – some feel it, some don’t. I felt a hint. It’s supposed to be the hint, not the all overpowering flavor. Garlic is in the mix, but it’s more for balance, not for its own performance. I won’t rate it as usual, but the reviews are good.

The standard question – where will ID Jons IPA and ID Jons Spice Tomato be sold? So far in Moscow, the chains “Beru Weekend”, “Hops & Malt”, “Leshch” and the RusBeer store on Varshavka are absolutely certain. But, since this is a permanent line now, I think that gradually we put in other places. It goes to distributors in the regions, so I can’t say exactly where it will be sold.

Alexandr Idzhon

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