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Lemke Helles and Bohemian Pilsner Beer


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Lemke Helles and Bohemian Pilsner Beer

On Wednesday I participated in a very interesting tasting organized by Ratingtelling. Fifty different styles of beers were tasted. Among other things, most of the tasters mentioned a beer from the German brewery Brauerei Lemke.

I had never heard of it before. The brewery is from Berlin. Started to look at the information and… I’m familiar with their beer, I’m familiar! Brauerei Lemke was founded in 1999 by Ole Lemke, who had traded his studies in business school for a brewing education. In 2004, he bought a mini brewery at Leopold’s Brauhaus on Alexanderplatz and renamed it Brauhaus Mitte. And that’s where I was and drank beer, on a trip to Berlin for the Beer Mile. At that time there were only the classics, but now Brauerei Lemke has over fifty varieties in its range.

Lemke Berliner Perle (Germany, Berlin) – 4,9/11,8 Soft, voluminous helle with a pleasant malt and floral aroma. In the aftertaste a bit of hops as well going to the flowers. Some would take it to the pils, but the malt dominant is still hoppy. As for bitterness, yes, there are pils that have even less of it. A- Rating.

Lemke Bohemian Pilsner (Germany, Berlin) – 5/12.5 Fully consistent with the style of Bohemian pilsner. Malt flavor. In the aroma of a little flowers and a drop of diacetyl. In the aftertaste pleasant bitterness with flowers, grass and again, a very slight diacetyl. If in this context not to consider the diacetyl a defect (and here it’s a chip, not a bug!), then Lemke can give a head start to many Czech regionals. Rating “A-“.


Alexandr Idzhon
Lemke Beer

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