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Mr P Craft Beer – the Chinese idea of craft


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Mr P Craft Beer - the Chinese idea of craft

I noticed a new arrival of Chinese beer on FoodCity. Mr. P Craft Beer is a new Chinese craft brewery. That’s what the salesman assured me. And their beers are interesting – with sea cucumber, cannabis, Chinese spices, and other things dear to a craft beer drinker’s heart, he said.

It was impossible to understand what particular kind of beer was poured in different gauge bottles and cans (all bottles had their own, it is unclear why they were filled – 0,616 ml, 0,498 ml, 0,456 ml, etc.). Somewhere there were no Russian-language labels at all, and where they were available, the information on them was scanty and poorly readable.

The only thing I found out was that it was all brewed at the Dingjia brewery in Heilongjiang.

I took four beers to try. There were also some in strange cans with cone-shaped tops, but they cost 500 rubles and the amphibian choked. I was also able to get my hands on some of the beers I bought.

Mr P Craft Beer 12º P (China, Hehe) – 3.3/10 Why the beer is named 12º at 10 ENS – don’t ask. This Chinese mystery is a big one! It is advertised as Wheat Beer. In fact, watery lager which seems to contain wheat malt and all. Liquid, murky, tasteless, but clean. Rated D+.

Mr P Craft Beer Big 9 (China, Nhahe) – 3,3/9 And here they didn’t lie, really 9% ENS. For the Chinese it’s probably already “big”! The content is all the same – a little turbid water, but even more watery. The grade is the same “D+”.

Mr P Craft Beer W-98B Classic Weiss (China, Nhahe) – 3.7/10.8 Once again we are faced with a “Chinese Weizen”. The can is not upside down, but specially printed so that before drinking it was turned upside down, thus shaking up the sediment. And whether it was there, I doubt it. The difference in fractions of a percent in alcohol and density doesn’t make this beer much (if at all) different from the previous ones. I won’t repeat myself about the taste. The grade is also “D+”.

Mr P Craft White Beer (China, Nhahe) – 4.5/13 Well, finally, at least something remotely resembling a whisky! There is, there is some coriander! A little bit of citrus. In spite of the claimed 13% ENS, it’s watery to the brim! You can refresh in hot weather with this beer, of course, but no more. Rated C-.

Whether there was a beer with trepan or cannabis among them, I do not know. It was impossible to tell from the taste. Chinese “Kraft” is pointless and merciless.

Alexandr Idzhon
Mr P Craft Beer

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