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Pater Lieven Blond and Tripel


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Pater Lieven Blond and Tripel

More than once I’ve said that the Miratorg chain of stores is interesting not for the meat, but for the beer they carry themselves. Sometimes there are curious and interesting samples, and sometimes not so much. Pater Lieven beer is brewed by the small, family-owned Brouwerij Van Den Bossche brewery.

In 1897, Arthur Van den Bossche built the brewery on the site of his father’s farm. It has been owned and run by the Bossche family ever since. In addition to the Pater Lieven brand, Buffalo and Lamoral are produced on a permanent basis. Buffalo was once sold in our country (you may still find it somewhere).

Pater Lieven Blond (Belgium, Saint-Livens Esse) – 6.5/14.5 Very simple, not elaborate blond. A little citrus in the aroma. They are also present in the aftertaste. The body is dry, but watery. Between the taste and the aftertaste feels a gap. Drinkable, of course, but from a small family brewery expect something more interesting than this mass market. Rated C+.

Pater Lieven Tripel (Belgium, St. Lieven’s Esse) – 8/16 The triple should be more interesting, but no. Even more boring. There is almost no flavor. Some bread and grassiness in the taste and aftertaste. Again, watery, which is not often said of beers of this style. However, this is exactly an empty and watery tripe. C rating.

If you had to choose (regardless of price, etc.), I would prefer a blond from the beer giants. Same Abbe (Leffe). It’s too empty, watery, and simple. I liked Buffalo back in the day, though.

Alexandr Idzhon
Pater Lieven

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