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Semedorato beer


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Semedorato beer

Another Italian beer is Semedorato. According to the official description, it is the best light beer of the south of Italy and the islands. It has won various medals both in Italy itself and in the U.S. The fact that this is a super-premium beer, says the price – give 300 rubles and do not sin! The volume is true 0.66 liter, but the essence does not change.

Birrificio Semedorato is a fairly new brewery. Opened August 8, 2014. In the beginning brewed 1000 hectoliters a month, but pretty quickly ramped up production to over 4000 hectoliters. In 2021 they built their own malt house and a solar-powered power plant. Currently, only four beers are produced and Semedorato Premium is the most popular.

Semedorato (Italy, Sommatino) – 5.1/11.5 Aroma malt. The taste is soft and also malted. In the aftertaste again, malt, a little bread and sweetness. Clean and typical southern lager without a hint of hops. Maybe in the heat on the beach and will do, but otherwise I do not see the point. Rating of “C”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Semedorato beer

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