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Steinbrau Pilsener and Hefeweizen beer


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Steinbrau Pilsener and Hefeweizen beer

German breweries that had not been brought into the market before “this” keep popping up. I don’t know if they rushed to take the place of those that left, or if they just brought them as planned. Steinbrau beer has already been spotted in many stores. I personally bought it in “Globus”. The price is something like 160 rubles. Not cheap, but good German regional beers aren’t cheap.

In Untappd, the brewery Braugold Brauerei is listed as the producer of this beer, but the fact is that it has been closed since 2010. The production of both their Braugold and Steinbräu brands has been moved to Einsiedler Brauhaus. Braugold Brauerei used to be the largest brewery in Saxony!

Steinbrau Pilsener (Germany, Chemnitz) – 4.9/11.5 Aroma is light, floral. Taste is also light, but not watery. However, it lacks just a little bit of flavor. In the aftertaste there is the trademark sulfurousness of German pils, flowers and a grassy bitterness, accumulating with each sip. Simple, but clean and drinkable pils. Rated “B-“.

Steinbräu Hefeweizen (Germany, Chemnitz) – 5.2/12.5 Aroma banana. The taste is full, baked, with a slight acidity, which balances the sweetness. In the aftertaste is also noticeable banana. Very correct and balanced weitzen. Rated “B +”.

Bottom line – Steinbräu is a good representative of the German regional beer. Even if without wow-effect, but good quality and drinkable. There is also Schwarzbier in the range, but I did not buy it. Maybe I’ll try it later.

Alexandr Idzhon
Steinbräu beer

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