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Two pils from the Hagen mini-brewery in Smolensk


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Two pils from the Hagen mini-brewery in Smolensk

It seems that the Magnolia store chain is interested in beers from small regional producers. Not so long ago they were selling there the products of Czech Lion from Kursk, and yesterday I bought two beers from Hagen from Smolensk.

Hagen, this is three restaurants in the main one of which is a mini-brewery. Why the Magnolia buyers were so hooked on this beer is not really clear, but it’s good that beer from such small regional producers is also coming to Moscow. I’m all for it!

Leikers Pilsner (Russia, Smolensk) – 4.5/12 Aroma is weak. Taste malted, clean. In the aftertaste light malt sweetness and . no hops. Pilsner without hops – very original! Of course, Hagen is not the first to write this beautiful word on the beer which has nothing to do with this style, but you still need to have a conscience. Well, would have written Helles and would have been nice! On the whole, the beer is not bad, clean and drinkable. Rated C+.

Hagen Pilsner (Russia, Smolensk) – 4,5/12 And again “not a bitter pilsner”. A slight difference from the previous one only in the aroma has cardboard and a little diacetyl. Otherwise, also a simple malt lager. Rated “C.”

Hagen has Australian Pale Ale, Porter, Bock and many other beers in its range. It probably doesn’t come in cans and can only be tasted locally. It would be a curiosity.

Alexandr Idzhon
Leikers Pilsner

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