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Veldensteiner Original Lager, Weißbier and Echt Landbier


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Veldensteiner Original Lager, Weißbier and Echt Landbier

Another inexpensive German beer under the Veldensteiner brand appeared in Pyatyeirochki. It costs something like 90 rubles and it’s not an STM. This beer is produced at Kaiser Bräu, one of the largest Bavarian breweries.

Surprisingly, the brewery is not trying to attribute an extra hundred or two years to itself. They say bluntly – it was founded in 1929. Slowly evolving, the brewery has been able to grow from 900 hectoliters per year, to today’s 500,000 hectoliters. The brewery is still in private hands and belongs to the Laus family.

Incidentally, the same brewery brews (or used to brew, at least) Liebenweiss beer, a brand owned by Russian distributor SuperBeer. Apparently, Veldensteiner was brought by them.

Veldensteiner Original Lager (Germany, Neuhaus an der Pegnitz) – 4.9/11.6 The aroma is weak, but the taste is quite full, malty. In the aftertaste a bit of flowers and honey. A nice smooth chełeses. Rating “B-“.

Veldensteiner Weißbier (Germany, Neuhaus an der Pegnitz) – 5.1/11.7 In the aroma of dried banana. The taste is soft, bread with a very slight acidity. In the aftertaste clove prevails. Also – smooth, simple, not the most outstanding Weitzen, but quite good. Rated “B-“.

Echt Veldensteiner Landbier

Echt Veldensteiner Landbier (Germany, Neuhaus an der Pegnitz) – 5.4/12.5 Bought it a little later. Very pleasant dunkel. Coffee in the aftertaste. Mild flavor. Burn not dominate, everything is very balanced. Not a lot of good dunkel in our market for the money. Rating of “B”.


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Veldensteiner beer

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