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Beer Kingdom of Belgium Pilsner & Weizen


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Beer Kingdom of Belgium Pilsner & Weizen

Sometimes we come across some very strange beers. Who brewed it, for whom, why – not very clear. Meet The Kingdom of Belgium. The Belgian name of the brand, brewed in Belgium (at the Martens plant), in German style for a South Korean distributor (and somehow the wind blew it to us).

Untappd lists Shinsegae L&B Co. as the manufacturer, but it is not. This company sells a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which include such private brands as Troll Brew, Steam Brew, etc.. However, the same Warsteiner and Birra Amarcord also sell.

The Kingdom of Belgium Pilsner (Belgium, Bocholt) – 5/9.6 Overall, quite a pilsner. The aroma is a bit grassy and sulfurous. Hops are noticeable and also grassy. But the body is not so good. A dystrophic body – water with water. It is understandable, with such characteristics. It was fermented to death.  Rating “C”.

The Kingdom of Belgium Weizen (Belgium, Bocholt) – 5/9.6 Practically no foam, despite the fact that it is a Weizen. There is a little banana, but like the pils absolutely watery taste. Moreover, excessive acidity and most surprisingly, mercaptan. I’ve never seen mercaptan in a pasteurized beer before! In case anyone doesn’t know, mercaptan is a product of autolysis, the decomposition of yeast cells. Mercaptan has a putrid odor and correspondingly smells and tastes like you reached in to clean the “knee” under the sink. It didn’t smell much, but you could smell it. Rating “D.”

If you have to use the expression “beer crafts”, it’s to this beer.

Alexandr Idzhon
The Kingdom of Belgium

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