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Czech Lion Light Bar and Blanche Dè LION


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Czech Lion Light Bar and Blanche Dè LION

It should be noted that the Kursk brewery “Czech Lion” has appeared on the Moscow market a lot in the last year. First of all, it concerns small nets, but I think I also met it in Magnolia. It seems to be the result of the Prodexpo last year.

I’ve already written about Czech Lion once. But here are two new beers – Czech Lion Light Bar and Blanche Dè LION, which I haven’t tasted. I bought them in the store “Gradusy” in Zyuzino.

Lion Light Bar (Russia, Kursk) – 4.6/12 The obscure adjective “bar” has been slapped on beer since the resounding success of Zhiguli Bar, but this craze is fifteen years old. How much the word “bar” helps in sales is hard to say, but as the official description of this beer states, it is “The flagship of the product line from Cesky Lev.

The aroma is sweet, grainy. The taste is the same. In the aftertaste, a little cartoniness is added to the grain tone. Hops, as they say – “on the tip of the knife. A typical empty regional beer, where the hops are only in the description and on the label. Rated “C”.

Blanche Dè LION (Russia, Kursk) – 4.7/11.7 Coriander in the aroma and aftertaste, otherwise very empty and watery. The body is liquid. A little flour in the aftertaste and a slight acidity. Very, very watery blanc. By the way, coriander is not listed in the composition! Of course one can suppose that this aroma and couscous are achieved with yeast, but I really can’t believe it! Rated “C”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Blanche Dè LION

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