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Czech Pilsner by Tarkos


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Czech Pilsner by Tarkos

I’ve been asked several times in the comments – what do I think of Czech Pilsner from Tarkos Brewery? I first tasted it in Igor Chersky’s video, where we were tasting beers from this brewery. Then I liked it very much, but it is not always right to draw any serious conclusions during festivals or mass tastings. So I bought this very Czech Pilsner at Perekriostok and tasted it at home.

Tarkos Czech Pilsner (Russia, Voronezh) – 5.5/13 Let’s pay attention to the specifications. 13% ENS, of course, is great, but to be honest, then it is not quite correct to compare it to other Czech Pilsner style beers such as – Pilsner Urquell, KONIX Pils or Vyatich Riga, having 12% density. 13% is still a bit chewier.

The aroma is pleasant, grassy and hoppy. Taste is malty, full-bodied, with a slight diacetyl characteristic of Czech pils. In the aftertaste noticeable bitterness, also going to the grass. Excellent pils! And given the price in the neighborhood of 100 rubles (they say in the K & B for 80), then it’s even a great option. The rating is “A-“.

But, keep in mind – like any well-hopped beer, it is very sensitive to storage conditions. It’s easy to get “light” or any other defects here.  So, if you do not like this beer, I recommend you to buy it again, but from another place. It may have been tainted in storage. Otherwise, this sort of thing would certainly be better poured in cans.

You can watch a video of the Tarkos brewery (probably the most beautiful in Russia) on my channel.

Alexandr Idzhon
Czech Pilsner by Tarkos

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