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Eggenberg Wildschütz and Hopfenkönig beer


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Eggenberg Wildschütz and Hopfenkönig beer

Beer from the Austrian castle brewery Eggenberg is known in our country first and foremost for its non-alcoholic Freibier. Some may recall that the legendary Samichlaus and Urbock 23° are also their creations. But, the brewery brews more than fifteen varieties of beer, and for some distributor mystery (which I’ll probably never solve), they do not deliver them to Russia.

The other day I found two beers that were new to me, Eggenberg Wildschütz and Hopfenkönig. Moreover, judging by the date of bottling, it was brought quite a long time ago, but where it was sold is unknown.

The Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg is considered to have been founded in 1681, but in fact it did not start operating in its current location until 1801, when Johann Georg Forstinger transformed a small brewery into a normal commercial enterprise. For the time being, the brewery remains family-owned and is quite a modern brewery of medium size.

Eggenberg Wildschütz (Vorchdorf, Austria) – 5/11.8 Amber lager, which goes on sale at the end of August and is usually sold until winter. In the aroma of caramel, some flowers. The taste is caramel, but not sugary, but malty. In the aftertaste, grassy hops give a great balance to the caramel, malt tones. Perfectly balanced and perfectly drinkable beer. “A” rating.

Eggenberg Hopfenkönig (Vorchdorf, Austria) – 5.1/11.6 Well-hopped lager (probably with dry hop), but without extremism. If you want a ton of hops, this is not the place. The hops here are subtle but bright. Grassy, tart, going somewhere in the freshly cut hay. That said, a nice malt body. The beer is what’s called “crisp,” sparkling. Also an “A” rating. Perfect balance!

Bought at FoodCity for 115 rubles. Maybe somewhere else is on sale, I do not know.

Alexandr Idzhon
Eggenberg Wildschütz and Hopfenkönig beer

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