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Kutná Hora Lorecká 14 beer

Czech Republic

по Djons

Kutná Hora Lorecká 14 beer

From the RusBir gift set – Kutná Hora Lorecká 14. I wrote about the beer from the Czech brewery Kutná Hora about two years ago. Then I noted that nowadays this beer is partly brewed in Břeclav at the Zámecký pivovar Břeclav brewery, and not just in Kutná Hora. I don’t think there’s much difference, though. This is a good Czech regional with some minor defects, which can rather be attributed to “chips” rather than “bugs”.

Kutná Hora Lorecká 14 (Břeclav, Czech Republic) – 6/14 A very dense and respectively strong beer. Aged for two months in the “crypt,” which for such ENS is quite normal. The aroma of malt and honey. The taste is full, dense, a little caramel. In the aftertaste is quite noticeable, but rough bitterness. Given the dense, sweetish body, this coarseness does not seem excessive. The beer is well balanced. On the downside, there’s a slight irony that quickly dries up (or disappears). Rating “B”.

Alexandr Idzhon
Kutná Hora Lorecká 14

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