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Lausitzer Hauselbier Helles Lager


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Lausitzer Hauselbier Helles Lager

Another German beer is Lausitzer Hauselbier Helles Lager. It’s brewed at Privatbrauerei Eibau, a brewery famous for producing 100,500 beers in the light-dark-white-weizen style. That’s not to say it’s a bad beer. It doesn’t usually have any defects, but it doesn’t have anything interesting either. All these Löwen Böhmisch, St. Marienthaler, etc., are worth exactly the money they ask for – +/-50-60 rubles in networks like “Red and White”.

Beer exclusively for the adherents of “they can’t brew beer in Russia, but German beer….”. You like beer solely because of the place of production, but not for the taste – you’re welcome. It’s cheap and hearty!

By the way, this particular beer is released in a shrink-wrapped can. Also one of the myths, like – some kind of fake, they don’t do that in Germany, etc.. More than once I have seen such packaging. There is nothing wrong with it. Often, the relatively small circulation of beer can not order the seal of the can, or for some reason (the load of the plant) printing party can be made only after a long time, and wait can not. So they put a shrink wrap on the “bald” can. It’s a little more expensive, but you can make any print run.

Lausitzer Hauselbier Helles Lager (Germany, Aibau) – 4.1/10 Pure, but very simple Helles. At 10% ENS you should not expect anything else. Mild, with a slight hint of flowers and citrus. Slightly malty, but with a watery body and aftertaste. Just a light beer, just a helles C+ rating.

Alexandr Idzhon
Lausitzer Hauselbier

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