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Leitner Lager and 1160 Kellerbier


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Leitner Lager and 1160 Kellerbier

Two new German beers. One from the well-known brewery Hofbrauhaus Freising (not to be confused with HB in Munich), and the other from the Herrnbräu brewery. Leitner Lager appeared apparently in all the “Pyatyeochka” at a price of 115 rubles, so that everyone is available and everyone can try it.

Leitner, this is not the STM network, but also not the main brand of the plant. The label says that the beer is brewed at the Leitner Bräu brewery in Schwabach. In fact, Leitner Bräu is a restaurant brewery that can’t brew the required volume. The beer is brewed at the Herrnbräu brewery in Inoglstadt.

Herrnbräu goes back to 1873. That’s when one of the first joint-stock companies in Germany – “Actienbrauerei Ingolstadt” – appeared in Ingolstadt. Later a succession of mergers and takeovers of other breweries followed. The biggest was in 1919, when fourteen local breweries came under the roof of what was already called “Bürgerliches Brauhaus AG”. It was not until the mid-1960s that the brewery was named Herrnbräu.

The brewery brews quite a wide range of beers, including such “knick-knacks” as “wheat winter”. Of course we won’t be able to get them at Piatrochki, but we would like to see other beers besides Leitner Lager. However, I couldn’t find any other declarations for Leitner beers other than Leitner Lager. Pity.


Leitner Lager (Inoglstadt, Germany) – 4.8/11.6 Floral and malt aroma. Taste is malty and clean. Very light floral hops in the aftertaste. Quite pleasant, smooth hops. No frills, but also nothing to scold, everything in style. Rated “B-“.

1160 Kellerbier (Freising, Germany) – 5.6/12 A very unusual Kellerbier. As a rule, kellerbier is light, with light (or medium) opalescence. I have not met a semi-dark kellerbear. However, who prevents it from being so? After all, keller beer is just unfiltered beer, “beer from the cellar”. This beer is closer to Bavarian dunkel, but unfiltered.

The aroma is caramel, with a bit of yeast. The taste is full, sweet. In the aftertaste honey hints, figs (a little) and allspice. The strength is felt, but no alcohol. Interesting, but a little strange for a classic German beer. Rating “B-“.

Alexandr Idzhon
Leitner Lager

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