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Ulai Beer from Tuger Brewery


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Ulai Beer from Tuger Brewery

Ulai beer from Tuger Brewery was purchased during a trip to Rzhev. I could not find any information about the brewery, except that it is located in Tarusa and their equipment is practically homemade. Brewers in the form of cubes. Such “equipment” was made at one time by Tru El Brewery in Jelomeno. “Tru El was known not only for their “creative” approach to iron, but also to brewing the beer itself. They flatly denied any mashing pause except at 72ºC.

I also didn’t understand who Ulay was. I only found information about a German artist with that nickname. But judging by the design labels, it is something of Slavic or Scandinavian mythology.

Ulay (Russia, Tarusa) -4/14 The beer looks very much like the creation of a home brewer. Far from a bad homebrewer, though. In the aroma of citrus. Citrus and very light smokiness is in the aftertaste. Naturally, a strong yeasty tone. There are no glaring defects. But, would I buy this beer again? Probably not! The feeling of “homemade” and unfermented does not give a positive impression. If one of the homebrewers brewed this – ok, well done! To brew this for sale… Rated “C”

Alexandr Idzhon
Ulay beer

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